Manufacturing Standards

Fully compliant & internationally-accredited manufacturing facility

Competitive Manufacturing Standards Guarantee Our Gummiceuticals are
Unlike Any Other.

Production capabilities have
scaled by more than 200% in three years

Powered by the
world’s most advanced
precision machinery

produced in 60 MINUTES =
2.5 tons per hour

Guaranteed, consistent and
homogeneous distribution of

Answering the Demand for a Better Gummy

Our fast-growing gummiceutical enterprise is supported by an ambitious sales strategy. We aim to reshape the gummy supplement industry with patented edibles and open new markets as early as 2021.

This includes opening a new manufacturing facility in the U.S. to support the company’s growing production capacity, expand clinical certifications, and introduce new gummiceuticals to the market.

Reliable Validation & Accreditation

Our facility complies with the highest production standards for safety and quality, and our R&D team applies biological, chemical & extensive pharmaceutical know-how to formulate new products in a strictly sterile and climate-controlled environment.

People are Our
Greatest Resource