The Science Behind Our

Researched, tried and tested.

Potent Delivery System

Gummiceuticals are no ordinary gummy. Our unique delivery system is based on a pectin-based formula with no added sugar, sweeteners, artificial flavors, colors, or sugar alcohols, and the plant-based fibers are easily digestible with a strong prebiotic effect.

A patent-pending delivery system, our Gumiceuticals feature a truly sugar-free formulation and proprietary preparation process, offering a highly effective method to deliver nutritional supplements and API.

TopGum’s additional patent-pending products involve proprietary gummiceutical formulations able to carry several active agents inside its powerful delivery system.


Our R&D team is conducting comparative studies to prove that our sugar-free, gummy-based generic delivery system is exceedingly advanced and more efficient in the delivery of nutraceuticals, compared to capsules, tablets, powders, and liquids.