Dietary Supplements

Dietary Supplements


While nature has all we need to live well, sometimes our body needs extra reinforcement. TopGum has developed gummiceuticals with the essentials for kids, adults, and seniors.



An antioxidant-rich gummiceutical to support the endurance of our heart activity, promote cell growth and maintenance and support brainpower, vision, and joints


Pre and probiotic supplements can help promote long-term digestive function and healthy flora with a powerful formula that is easy on the stomach while soothing discomfort.

Beauty &
Self Care

Wellness is skin deep; everything we feed our body is reflected back to us in the mirror. This range of gummiceuticals is tasty, discrete, and effective in promoting healthy hair, skin, and nails.


Whether it’s the changing season, the common cold or increased stress, our portfolio of immune-supporting gummiceuticals will strengthen our ‘inner guardians’ to help us feel stronger.

Relax & Focus

Based on extensive study and research, this gummiceutical formula aims to support physiological changes in the body and mind, offering natural remedies for improved focus, relaxation, and a positive mood.


Not only are the superfood gummies delicious they’re also enriched with superpower antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that support eye health, increased skin elasticity and resilience, increased stamina, and more.