Eye Care

The human eye contains six muscles that filter artificial light as we interact with the world, blinking 20 times per minute. Maqui Berry can soothe irritated eyes. and protect from artificial light.


Prolonged stress can wreak havoc on our quality of life. We have developed two special formulations to help strengthen the immune system post-flu, inflammation, or chronic conditions.


A potent nutraceutical formula for men and women that supports healthy blood pressure levels and circulatory function with the added benefit of great-tasting flavor

Better Sleep

A unique gummiceutical formula with a soothing flavor for adults made with active agents that help to calm the mind and relax the body. Promotes a healthy sleep cycle and a better mood.


This gummiceutical formula is made with special active agents for optimal efficacy while relying on a sugar-free, vegan base that helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Blood Sugar

A unique gummiceutical suitable for men and women that is designed to balance blood sugar levels and boost energy with clinically proven active agents.

Heart Care

A unique gummiceutical formulation with active agents that help inhibit cholesterol absorption to support heart health and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Beauty &
Self Care

Reinforce hair, skin & nails with a unique gummiceutical featuring clinically proven active agents and a great-tasting formula. Suitable for men and women.


A unique gummiceutical for men to help support urinary flow and bladder function. Encourages prostate health with clinically proven active agents for optimal efficiency.

Attention & Concen-

A great-tasting formula suitable for kids, teens and adults with clinically proven active agents to help increase brain focus and concentration.


Change of season and daily stress can wreak havoc on our lives, resulting in mood swings and lack of sleep. Affron® is a natural extract clinically proven to increase energy and reduce stress-related symptoms.


The bladder walls weaken with age and become prone to irritation and infections. Antioxidant-rich cranberries provide instant relief, minimize recurring infections, and prevent E.coli bacteria growth.