Eng. Amit Hyzkihu

VP R&D and Open Innovation

Amit serves as VP of R&D and Open Innovation at TopGum where he leads the Science and Clinical research of the company’s products alongside a team of engineers. A key focus of his role is to provide strong technical product leadership coupled with equally effective project management skills. Amit is extremely experienced in conducting research and leading teams for the purpose of creating products that are backed by science. Prior to joining TopGum, Amit was an R&D engineer for the Oshadi Drug administration, a biotechnology company that develops ingestible drug delivery systems for proteins and other molecules. He previously worked for the global dental Swiss corporation, Geistlich, where he worked as a medical representative for the Israeli CTS dental division for three years.


Prior to attending university, Amit was an officer in the Paratrooper Unit of the IDF and later obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmaceutical Engineering. He is now a second-year MBA student specializing in Technological Entrepreneurship.